Anna Keay

Beauty is said to follow the soul, be a friend of nature and lover of truth. Anna Keay does just that, bringing her experiences of beauty directly to the canvas. Anna gathers inspiration from the redwoods of Humboldt California where she was raised, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, and the breath-taking magic of Hana, Maui where she has lived off and on since 1997. In Hana, Anna spent time exploring her sister’s flower farm, giving her a radiant urge to replicate its vibrant beauty, to find that “perfect flower”. While pursuing an art degree at Humboldt State University, Anna also relished in other mediums such as ceramics and jewelry making. After making commissioned paintings for friends and clients she began selling artwork from restaurants, wineries, and galleries in Santa Barbara, CA where she developed a strong reputation as an artist. She has now transpired as a professional painter, finding that unique detail in nature, that lustful scent of each petal, delighting the eyes and soothing the soul.