Darren Schellenberg

Darren Robert Schellenberg was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1966. After graduating from City Park Institute in 1984, Darren moved to British Columbia and worked in the ski industry while enjoying the immense beauty of the region. Darren then continued on to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean where he built custom swimming pools with mosaic tiles, carved fountains, waterfalls and infinity edges. In 2001, Darren moved his small family to Maui, Hawaii where he met a successful, talented and inspiring artist named Elan Vital, who he worked with for about twelve years. “Working and sculpting concrete taught me form and function. Working with Elan taught me the magic of mixing courage, color and light to create a truly special energy.” Darren is now focusing on bringing all of the magic of Hawaii into each piece of art that he creates. Darren uses a very unique process where he takes a clear enamel and mixes finely ground pigments and minerals into the enamel, then applies the different colors in many fine layers, creating a beautiful masterpiece with different cell structures being created by the chemical reaction of the different minerals naturally repelling from one another. He also uses proprietary techniques is specific areas to create what he calls coralization and ripple wavation to create an added dimension of depth. Truly unique pieces of art. Darren's art can be found exclusively at Maui Fine Art Gallery in Kihei, Hawaii.RIP Darren Robert Schellenberg. Darren passed away on 4/7/2016. Darren had a wife and daughter and he will be truly missed. "Darren was not only a Husband and a Father, he was a great friend of mine. If Darren knew you, he would do anything for you if you needed help with something. He was one of the truly great people out there and will forever be missed." Chad Paranto