Mark MacKay

As one of the foremost marine and wildlife artists of our time, Mark MacKay seeks to reveal the living, breathing spirit of his vibrantly realistic subjects through prolific paintings, sculptures, fountains, ceramics, glass and mosaic creations. Working in diverse medium, Mark has created stunning monumental works with paint, bronze, glass and fired ceramic. Through his vision, light, color, form and motion merge in an expression of unique beauty and subtle detail. His work offers the viewer a window into a rare world of exquisite balance and serenity.

"My work attempts to express my passionate caring for the creatures and plants on our planet, and for the Earth itself in her most pristine state. Through the coaxing of raw materials and focused intention, I try to reflect the wondrous beauty and subtle detail of sea and land-dwelling creature, therefore offering a glimpse into a realm of exquisite balance and timeless serenity."