Moody Flanagan

James Moody - born in 1965 in Torrance CA ...even as a young child I was interested in making things with my hands. Wood carving, pottery, mud puddles.. In high school I was introduced to wood working, jewelry, plastics, photography, metal shop{with foundry casting}, ceramics {with wheel throwing}.. Wheel throwing pottery is one of the most enjoyable things i do. After I graduated high school, I felt lost without working with clay. The drive to make something with my hands led me in to Ventura Community College where I completed an AA degree and then went on to Chico State, where I was introduced to glass blowing. This was more fun than playing with clay .I split my major to ceramics/glass. I completed this degree, graduating with honors in 1990..In 1992 I bought my home and started my first studio, specializing in raku pottery.. in 1996 I was starting to get bored with clay and I built my first glass studio...and for ten years I focused on only glass blowing. In 2001, I moved the studio to Salina, K.S... Which worked out well. While there I was selected to show my art glass in the Arts in Embassies Program, and sent pieces of my work around the world...I also was able to teach classes through the Salina Art Center.[awesome art center for a small town].In 2003 I returned to California and set up my third glass/ceramics studio now called Cherry Tree Studios, where I continue the life long quest to make art with my hands...
Jessica Flanagan creates art glass inspired by both traditional and modern influences, combining bright colors with clean forms and custom technique. Her art career began in her early teens, when she experimented with custom works using paint, wood, and metal. In 2002, she began a glassblowing apprenticeship with artist Jim Moody and started to create unique and one-of-a-kind works of glass art. Jessica's work is currently on display in galleries throughout the U.S. and in numerous private collections. She continues to explore glass as a medium while challenging herself to create even more beautiful works of art.